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We have the best rates and special offers from the major car rental companies at a glance. With us you can book not only cheap rental car, but receive also quality-certified car hire offers! Absolute Car Rental is a free and independent price comparison, where you compare offers from over 1,200 local and international car rental companies. Find cheap car hire in over 179 countries with us.

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The time to search for a suitable car, thanks to our independent booking engine is eliminated. Tip: Check our car rental Mallorca offers! See all providers and offers in the price on the popular Balearic Island. The free price comparison offers you a personal offer. Compare their car broken down by price and quality. Filter your hire by category, including services, accessories, or preferred car rental offer. There is a detailed summary of the chosen car. Quickly and easily you have found your cheap rental car.

No Hidden Costs

Much like in other industries, competition for the "low-cost segment" is now in the car rental market. Consumers on the Internet can find cheap quotes for car hire. But worth taking a look to the exact benefits of hiding behind the supposedly cheapest provider here. Here, you should place special attention on the so-called "hidden costs". In addition, of course, the quality of which promises to be a car rental provider is an important aspect.

But what exactly is actually the "hidden costs" a cheap rental car? This includes many points such as: the excess or a mileage that can make a range cheap at first sight look significantly worse. So, a cheaper car rental can bring some additional costs. You must check the terms and conditions with the organisation when booking car rental, as there are here often some "traps". Following influence are particularly worth mentioning.

Destination: Naturally, the price of a rental car from the respective destination is dependent on. Countries such as Spain and Greece international standards are often the cheapest, because in these countries there many local providers who can offer the customers a good price.

Travel time: One of the main issues that have impact on the price of a rental car is the time to go. So, the prices in the main holiday season and during the holidays due to the high demand are often higher than during the low season. In the low season there are specials also often, such as e.g. automatic upgrade when booking a car hire service type rate.

Trip duration: Generally a price be paid when booking a rental car. There is no difference whether e.g. 4 days makes it mostly so or is booked a week. Specials can be an exception here, of course. The car rental at the so called long term rentals is really convenient. Here the customer on real benefits can hope and a cheaper car rentals can be reserved.

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